Plymouth, Massachusetts

Water Quality Task Force

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The freshwater ponds and rivers of Plymouth and the salt water shores and inlets of Plymouth are some of the region's most valuable resources, but the town needs to know much more about the health of these resources because they are vulnerable.


Residents of Plymouth can help us learn more about the condition of our water resources. Your help and your observations are needed to identify possible problems, to understand how and why the health of ponds differ, and to seek solutions to existing problems.



There are reasons to be concerned about the quality of water bodies in Plymouth. A few examples are given on the following pages. Your input is needed to help us compile more examples of problems.   Some examples of problems

Some pond associations, the Town of Plymouth and some individuals have been supporting limited efforts to address water quality issues in parts of Plymouth. If you know of additional examples, please e-mail to us descriptions and pictures to add to this web site.

    Laboratory testing of water samples (examples )    

    Instrument measurements of water quality parameters (examples )    

    Remediation and cleanup efforts (examples )


In order to understand the condition of our water resources, it is necessary to compare and contrast both the condition of water bodies and the characteristics of the locations.    More about comparing and contrasting water bodies

People living near water can be important and reliable sources of information about these water bodies. Please help us by being our eyes and ears.    The type of information needed from you

Please e-mail your observations and comments to


Water bodies in Plymouth which are having problems can be brought to the attention of Town planners and to the attention of state and federal agencies responsible for funding projects. But to accomplish this we need help from Plymouth residents interested in water quality issues.     Some of the help needed


To encourage people to participate in this project, we will be publicizing the project in a variety of ways. If you have additional ideas, please let us know.     Some ways this site may be publicized

The identity of each individual sending us information will be kept confidential. Water bodies, rather than individuals, will be our units of analysis. Data will be aggregated for each pond and river until we obtain a stable profile for each body of water. After we receive descriptions for a number of water bodies, a page will be added which lists water bodies and the number of descriptions received for each.

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