The Water Quality Task Force is asking residents of Plymouth to help by providing baseline observational information about individual water bodies. This will make it possible to compile a database that will address problems, causes and remediation. As we see patterns emerging, results will be presented at public meetings with Town planners. 

With this type of observational information from enough people, we should be able to develop a picture of the general condition of ponds and rivers throughout the Town of Plymouth. 

In other words, we need more people to volunteer their time to: 

a) gather water samples from more water bodies, 

b) take sensor measurements from more water bodies, and 

c) help categorize observations so they can be combined with this more scientific data to provide a comprehensive picture of water quality in Plymouth. 

It should then be possible to focus scientific investigations as well as remediation efforts where they are most needed. It should also be possible submit local, state and federal proposals for funds needed to address problems.